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    2018-08-11 19:48:13

    How much power does it consume at the wall and how much would it be if I buy 2 of them.

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    1. 2018-08-11 20:22:50

      When idling the amp will use about 15 watts. Total power usage Will depend on the volume level. A 20 amp circuit breaker will be fine. 30 amp circuit breaker if you plan on really pushing the amp hard. Please contact us directly at sales@classdaudio for pricing information.

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    2018-08-07 14:26:46

    Hi Tom. I ordered the 470C yesterday, and am very excited to receive it. I do have a question about the power supply upgrade. I read that some earlier units benefitted sound quality wise from adding more capacitance to the power supply, and this info was going to be passed along to you. Have you increased the power supply caps. on the standard unit since then? or is that addressed in the upgrade only. I do not listen at head banger levels but I have dahlquist DQ20's and Hales Revelation 3's both of which are 4ohm speakers. Thanks, Russ

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    1. 2018-08-07 15:06:30

      The upgraded power supply is the one with the extra large capacitors. The upgrade does add a little more headroom and can benefit most systems. It sounds like your speakers present a bit of a tough load, so it is possible having the upgrade is probably a good idea. The larger capacitors provide a little extra power reserve that help when listening to very demanding passages, especially at higher listening levels.

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  3. another test product

    2018-07-26 17:46:49


    Want to know if this is a real product or just for testing the website?

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    1. 2018-07-26 17:50:22

      Yes, this is a product for testing the new website only. Please do not purchase this product.

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