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SDS-120 Class D Audio Kit with Large Power Supply, AnTek 300VA Transformer, Molex Connectors for external LED’s, power switch, and gain controls. High Quality Conductive Plastic Element External Gain Controls also included. Our new Super D Series audio power amplifiers are built on the highly acclaimed reputation of our CDA series amps. Our goal was to keep the excellent sonic qualities while adding a state-of -the art balanced input stage (also accepts standard single ended input) and external adjustable gain controls. We’ve also added a better cooling system, Molex connectors for external LED’s, power switch, and gain controls (included). The balanced input stage is one of the finest available and normally only found on very expensive high-end equipment. When using single ended inputs, you can change a jumper to select inverted or non-inverted input as well… useful in some instances. The gain controls included with this kit feature a conductive plastic element for ultra low noise. Our Super D Series amps provide more life-like imaging and sound stage, along with the beautiful smooth tube-like sound we’re known for. These amps are powerful, clean, quiet , and transparent. Specifications: · Output: 120 X 2 – 4 Ohm, 60 X 2 – 8 Ohm · Bridged Output: 240W X 1 – Bridged 8 Ohm (Full Bridge) · THD+N, 1W – 1KHz: Better than .02% · Dynamic Range: 101 db · Efficiency: Over 90% · Required Power Supply: +/- 30 Volts DC to +/- 40 Volts DC Accepts Balanced or Single Ended inputs at up to 18 volts. More specs coming soon. 1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty


Model SDS-120
Number Of Channels 2
RMS Power Per Channel 8 Ohms 60W RMS X 2
RMS Power Per Channel 4 Ohms 120W RMS X 2
RMS Power in Bridge Mode 240W RMS X 1 Into 8 Ohm Only. Single Channel
Input Sensitivity 2V
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) Better than .02% (normal listening is about .003%)
Frequency Response 10hZ to 35KHz
Input Impedance RCA 30K
Input Impedance XLR 45K
Voltage Gain for RCA Input Adjustable
Voltage Gain for XLR Input Adjustable
Power Requirements +/- 35 Volts DC
Dimensions (W x H x D) Inches N/A
Dimensions (W x H x D) Millimeters N/A
Product Weight (lbs/kg) 10/4.5
Shipping Weight (lbs/kg) 12/5.4
Manufacturer Class D Audio
Weight 12 lbs


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2 reviews for SDS-120 Power Amplifier Kit

  1. Red

    Kicks hard and sounds smooth.

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  2. Ed Kinakin

    I bought the SDS-120 kit. I used an Korg Nutube B1 Preamplifier module as a preamp. Installed all in a rack mount chassis with only a on/off switch and a volume control. Built new Jordan VTL speakers using Eikona 2 drivers and a 15″ subwoofer. It sounds complete unreal. Such dynamics and detail. This is hard to say but even better that my Mission Cyrus One. Runs very cool and never had one hiccup with it in two years. Very, very happy. Highly recommended as the value with this setup is incredible.

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